We’ll take a wild guess and say that you’re looking to attract new clients for your personal training business. Finding clients for your personal training business isn’t such an arduous task if you pay attention to the strategies we’ll be listing in this article.

Whenever clients achieve their health or fitness goals, it is common for them to part ways and never come back until another need breaks forth. This is why you’ll need to always hunt for new clients to replace the old.

The beauty of social media is that you’ve got all the tools for you to attract new clients. As part of personal training marketing, you may need to focus on utilizing these tools at your disposal.

To keep the books open and schedules booked, social media is a platform to spend time and energy on. If well utilized, you’ll end up with more clients at the end of the day.

The question is how do you find these clients for your personal training business? Also, what role does social media play in helping you properly position your business and attract new clients?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

10 Personal Training Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients On Social Media

If you want to land a dream client for a personal training business, you only need to pay attention to the requirements, study trends, and the social media algorithm.

If you’re lucky enough to create captivating content, you rest assured to have daily consultation and direction requests in your direct message. How do you achieve this? let’s discuss this further.

Personal Training Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients On Social Media
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Define your specific focus niche

If you want to position yourself as a highly sought-after expert in the field of personal training or fitness as a whole, then you need to pick a specific niche and focus on it. The world of fitness and health is so broad that a lot of people often get lost in its vastness.

Thus, you find them often hoping from one sub-niche to another. If you apply the same technique on social media, you may not attract the right clients that should convert to a long-term client base.

Instead, what you should do is to first choose a sub-niche first before you shoot yourself on the leg. Take for example, as a personal trainer, your focus may be to “help disabled people, pregnant women or busy professionals”

What you’ll do if you want to attract these specific clients within your niche is to make it obvious that you serve that group of people. This way, you’ll have more demands from such a class of clients. Choosing a sub-niche helps a lot if you want to excel on social media without being distracted or swallowed by the sea of competitors. Clarity first before pursuing clients.

Develop your content strategy

Personal Training Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients On Social Media
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Now, that you’ve identified your target customers as a personal trainer, all that is left is for you to draft a consistent content strategy game to reach the specific clients you desire for your business. Drafting a consistent content strategy starts first with an idea and a content pillar.

Take, for example, you cater to only women who want to lose weight with a healthy diet. Your content pillars might revolve around nutrition, exercise, and healthy diet practices. Now, you’ll only need to list content ideas under each category. Under the nutrition or exercise category, you’ll have a list of questions women often ask about their nutritional practices for weight loss.

What your content strategy does is help you narrow your focus on your customers and create educative content on a stretch without unnecessary blocks and running out of ideas. Now, that you have your content strategy, you’ll only need to group each category based on specific days you want to talk about it.

Publish share-worthy contents

Educative contents are very necessary if you must attract clients on social media. With the help of content creation and design tools, you can design any content you want and share them quickly on any platform.

When it comes to content creations and designs, you’ll need to tailor each content according to the dimension requirement of each platform.

With the help of tools like medium, SUMO or answer the public including other content tools, you’ll always have quality content to publish. Regardless of whatever your goals are, you need to share captivating content to reach new clients for your personal training business.

Research and use hashtags

Personal Training Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients On Social Media
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Ever since the emergence of social media for business marketing, hashtags have become such a helpful tool in finding and tracking new clients. Like SEO keywords, hashtags function alike.

Their goal is to help customers easily find a larger group of vendors they’re searching for on social media. For example, hashtags like #peronalfitnesstrainer will intentionally contain a list of personal trainers on the social media platform.

This is the easiest way for customers to find you on any social media platform. Simply by searching for any of these keywords.

Post consistently

A lot of social media users often treat their handles like a playground. Thus, you’ll find them posting whenever they want or simply at their convenience. However, as a business person, you cannot afford to do the same.

This is because your social media platform is your business office. The best way to keep introducing yourself to people every single time is by creating content consistently. Now, let’s break this down.

Consistency isn’t about posting every day. Rather consistency is about having a specific day or time you upload content for your target audience.

Even if you’re unable to meet up with the demands of content posting, you can have 3 out of 6 days for posting and show up strong every single day. Infact a lot of business owners usually hire social media managers or virtual assistants to aid them in the proper management of their pages.

Optimize your bio

Personal Training Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients On Social Media
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Treat your social media bio as a website. You may have heard this before. The saying is true because people only take a glance at your bio before they decide to follow you on social. So, if you want to increase your follower count and attract customers with purchasing power, you need to optimize your bio.

In your bio, you’ll need to have a detailed explanation of what you do, what your business is about, and how you can help your target audience. For example, you may have a “Self motivated personal trainer for women who want to gain their dream body”. Your bio should be short, sweet, and direct to the point.

Follow and engage larger accounts in your niche

Here’s the magic that happens when you follow large accounts. You’re able to sap a little follower juice from them. Most importantly, while engaging with these accounts, you can build a community following of like-minded people. So, as a personal fitness trainer, you’ll need to follow other personal fitness trainers.

Whether they’re in your sub-niche or not. You are not only going to attract customers through their list but also learn from them. Since they’re a larger account, you can easily study their process, what works for them and what they did to get to where they are.

Be friendly and conversational

Personal Training Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients On Social Media
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One mistake a lot of creators and business owners make on social media is to create content and run away. The question is who are you creating the content for?

The same way you want people to engage with your content, others need the same love. Unfortunately, social media algorithms usually favor users who engage with others. This is where community building comes into play.

To attract new clients through social media, you need to create an engaging community online. This is one way to present yourself as an approachable expert despite the number of followers and likes you have. Social media is about being social, so stay like that.

Solve people’s problems in the DM

If you’re just starting or already started but stuck at a certain stage, it could be that you’re not solving people’s problems, especially in the DMs. When we talk about the last step, you’ll understand why we say so. Solving people’s problems is the best way to stay relevant and top of their mind.

Here’s how our mind works. It quickly favors people who offer us the most help we need in times of trouble. The same rule applies to social media. Always and genuinely solve people’s problems. You’ll attract more clients when you do so

Add a specific call to action

Personal Training Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients On Social Media
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Always end each post or caption with a call to action. A call to action helps people to know what their next step should be. This way, they can decide to like, comment or share, send a DM, or even click the link in your bio.

Before you push the publish button on any post, always double-check for a specific call to action. You can choose one from any of your call to action depending on your sales process.

A few of them are:

  • Click the link in the bio
  • Send a dm with the tag “weight loss”
  • Send an email
  • Share with your friends
  • Tag your friends

These are a few of the personal training marketing strategies for social media. If you’re able to practice these ten strategies, you’ll soon become a force to reckon with. Most importantly attract more clients for your personal training business on social media.

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