Are you looking for an edge or a little motivation to get you back on the horse with your diet? Then, you’re in the right place! We’re here to offer tips and reminders to keep you on track to successful weight loss.

Sticking to a diet is tough. It’s nice when those first few pounds come off in the first couple of weeks. However, everyone eventually hits a rough patch when the scale doesn’t want to budge, and it gets harder to say no to all of the foods you love eating.

Long-term health and maintaining good body weight are challenging for a lot of people, so it’s essential to always look for new tips that can get you over the hump.

We’ve put together six weight loss tips and reminders to help you hit your goal!

Make It Easy with Apps

Weight Loss Tips and Reminders

You don’t need to obsess over food labels in 2023. Now, you can download a variety of apps like MyFitnessPal to track your calories in seconds.

The app is full of tons of foods, from homemade dishes to virtually anything you can buy in a grocery store. They even have a lot of nutritional data from restaurants, so you never have to guess how many calories you’re eating.

Just plug in what you’re eating and let the app do the rest. Then, you can eat without worrying if you’re within your calorie goal!

Buy a Smart Scale

You can buy a smart scale that syncs with your phone and health data app. It syncs all of your info across devices to make your weight loss journey more of a game or competition.

For example, seeing your weight loss progress across the entire year or your last few months is easier to see how far you’ve come.

There are tons of smart scales to choose from with settings that let you create profiles for multiple users. In addition, new scales measure your body fat percentage, BMI, water weight, and more to put more data in your hands.

Give Your Waiter Instructions

Weight Loss Tips and Reminders

The food you choose at restaurants significantly impacts your diet success. You don’t have to skip going out with friends completely. However, you have to stick to your diet and order the right things.

Also, you can give your waiter instructions about how you want your food cooked. For instance, you can tell them not to put butter or heavy cream on your food. Even vegetables in restaurants get doused in butter to make them taste better. But, of course, that adds a ton of calories to the dish and almost eliminates the whole point of eating veggies in the first place.

Mix Up Your Exercise Routine

Sometimes you need to give your body a break, and other times you need a shock to the system when you hit a weight loss doldrum.

When you feel like you just can’t get back out on the trail for a jog anymore, mix things up and ride a bike instead. Sign up for a yoga class, or try lifting weights.

It’s easy to feel discouraged or even bored when you’re doing the same thing every day. Trying new things makes it fun and lets your body know it can’t rest.

Try Using Smaller Dishes

Weight Loss Tips and Reminders

Did you know that people who use smaller plates and bowls tend to eat much less? For example, if you have a big plate, you’re much more inclined to fill it up with food when it’s dinner time. But, on the other hand, it looks depressing if you only put a small portion on a large plate.

One great weight loss tip is buying some small plates encouraging you to eat less. You’ll still feel like you’re getting a lot of food because your plate is full, but fewer calories are on it.

The same goes for if you’re trying to drink a lot of water. Those folks who carry around a gallon jug of water probably have been doing it for a long time. Their bodies are accustomed to drinking that much.

Getting there for beginners, however, is much more challenging. First, measure out a gallon and pour it into smaller cups that you can drink one at a time. You’ll feel a bit of satisfaction each time you empty a cup and refill it with more.

Drinking water boosts the metabolism and helps you feel full faster.

What to Know About Peptides

Peptides are short chains of amino acids. They’re shorter than proteins; and peptides are not as complex and trigger specific reactions in the body.

Researchers have been studying weight loss peptides for decades, but recently they’re getting a lot of attention.

Weight Loss Tips and Reminders

One weight loss peptide currently being researched is called Tesofensine. It is a synthetic derivative of a natural peptide that likely regulates appetite and food cravings. It was quickly identified as a potential weight loss product when its most common side effect in tests was that the subjects frequently lost weight while taking it.

In early studies, subjects given tesofensine lost more than 10.6% of their body weight after 24 weeks. Researchers think it is so successful because it increases dopamine levels and lowers food cravings.

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